How to find family after London Marathon? (2024)

How to find family after London Marathon?

If you want to meet up with a friend or loved one after they finish the London Marathon, the nearest tube stations to The Mall/Horse Guards Parade are Charing Cross (a six-minute walk away), Embankment (a nine-minute walk away) Piccadilly Circus (a 12-minute walk away), or St. James's Park (a seven-minute walk away).

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Where do you meet people after the London Marathon?

If you want to meet up with a friend or loved one after they finish the London Marathon, the nearest tube stations to The Mall/Horse Guards Parade are Charing Cross (a six-minute walk away), Embankment (a nine-minute walk away) Piccadilly Circus (a 12-minute walk away), or St. James's Park (a seven-minute walk away).

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Where to meet runners after London Marathon?

If you'd rather see your runner cross the finish line and then meet up with them afterwards, it's best to stay north of the race route, making Piccadilly Circus or Charing Cross good stations to use. You can also watch runners cross the finish line of the London Marathon on the BBC via the red button.

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How to find someone running London Marathon?

To track participants in the virtual TCS London Marathon, visit the 'Tracking' section of the App. Search by their name or bib number and when you have found the participant you're looking for, press the + icon to add them to your tracking list.

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Can I follow someone in the London Marathon?

Thankfully, the Official TCS London Marathon App allows you to follow the live progress of multiple runners, so you'll know exactly where to stand on the course to spot them – and when to be there – so you can successfully cheer them on!

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Where is the quietest place to watch the London Marathon?

Generally the quietest places on the route are south of the river, with the exceptions of near the start at Greenwich Park and the Cutty Sark.

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Do some people walk the London Marathon?

The London Marathon does NOT disqualify participants for walking. In fact, it's quite common to see runners following a run-walk strategy. What is this? The London Marathon cut-off time is 7 hours which means if you were to walk the entire route you could take anywhere between 6 to 9 hours…

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How do you recover from a London Marathon?

TCS London Marathon Training Plans
  1. Chill out. Ice and cold water can help relieve any pain you might be feeling. ...
  2. Take gentle exercise. If you want to exercise in the days after the race, start with walking. ...
  3. Run on soft surfaces. ...
  4. Take to the water. ...
  5. Feel refreshed. ...
  6. Have a massage.

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Do you get at shirt for finishing the London Marathon?

London Marathon to allow participants to opt out of finisher t-shirts for first time. Tired of receiving race finisher tees that you never wear? Well, if you're one of the 40,000+ runners set to take part in the London Marathon on 23 April, you'll be given the option to opt out of receiving one for the first-time ever.

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What to do at end of marathon?

Walk around for at least 20 minutes. If you can get in a cool down mile after the race, that's even better! Keep moving and walking (if you are experienced then go for a 1-2 mile easy jog to flush out some of the waste in your muscles). DON'T SIT!

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How many people get selected for London Marathon?

The London Marathon doesn't give the exact number of places that are allocated by the ballot, but it's believed to be around 17,000-20,000 of the 40,000+ total spots. A record 578,374 people entered the 2023 ballot, so you can see straight away the odds aren't in your favor.

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Which celebrity is running the London Marathon?

Joining Mumford on the Start Line will be Golden Globe-winning actor Josh O'Connor, who played Prince Charles in the Netflix series The Crown.

How to find family after London Marathon? (2024)
Can you listen to music during London Marathon?

If you do decide to wear headphones on race day, we ask that you ensure the volume is low enough to be able to hear marshal instructions and other runners approaching.

Can you decline London Marathon?

UK entrants

If you secure your place through the TCS London Marathon Ballot or have a guaranteed place from a running club or stakeholder (such as a local authority, emergency service, volunteer group or another group), you can defer your place to the TCS London Marathon the following year.

What happens if you can't finish the London Marathon?


You are unable to make sufficient progress in the Event to allow You to complete the Event in line with timelines set by Event officials. Competitors will only be eligible for a medal and to feature in the results if they complete the course before the official cut off time.

Can you walk the London Marathon route?

A moderately hilly A to B walking route, approximately 26.2 miles long.

Can you go to the toilet during London Marathon?

According to the TCS London Marathon guide, toilets are available at the start and from every mile thereafter up until near the finish. Accessible toilets are available at the start, finish, miles 1 and 2 and every even mile thereafter – miles 4, 6, 8 … until mile 24.

Why is it so hard to get into the London Marathon?

The London Marathon ballot

Most people apply to get in through the ballot. Every year a new record number apply, with over 500,000 entering the ballot for the 2024 London Marathon. The ballot is completely random, and around 17,000 people get in, so give it a go and don't just assume you won't be chosen.

Does it cost to do the London Marathon?

If you're successful in the ballot, you'll need to pay the full entry fee of £69.99 (for UK entrants) or £146 (for international entrants, including a £20 carbon offset levy) to secure your place in the 2024 event. Please note that the deadline for paying for your ballot place is 16:00 (BST) on Tuesday 1 August.

Is it hard to get into the London Marathon?

Over the years, the maximum number of ballot entries has been fairly stable: generally around 17,500 runners are able to enter the race this way. We calculated odds based on these estimates. But the number of people applying for those spots has skyrocketed, especially since the entry process went online in 2009.

How many people fail to complete the London Marathon?

Last year, around 750 participants who started the race did not finish. During the inaugural London Marathon in 1981, 7,000 people took part.

Why are there pace runners in London Marathon?

Pacers are keen or experienced runners who complete the course at a managed pace and finish within a certain, predesignated time. The aim of this is to help participants around them know their own speed and – if they can maintain the pace – finish within the same time.

What is the post marathon syndrome?

Post-race depression signs include feeling a little lost, experiencing a lack of motivation to run, yearning for something to look forward to, feeling eager to set a new goal, feeling down, anti-social, sad, or disappointed—even if you hit your goal.

How quickly do you lose fitness after a marathon?

But you'll return to those high levels of fitness more quickly post-race than it took for you to reach them pre-race, older research published in PNAS determined. “Most runners return to their fitness baseline in a week after a marathon—even if they take that whole week off of running, research has shown,” Norris says.

Can you shower after the London Marathon?

Marathon Recovery Rule 1: Take a Shower

Soon after the race you should take a contrast shower.


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