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Stores like Selfie Leslie: Selfie Leslie is one of the top online-based dress boutiques, where you can shop from a good range of categories, such as tops, rompers, dresses, and jumpsuits — all while being welcomed to some premium, exclusive collections to fulfill all your girly means.

Selfie Leslie sounds like a fair option since it has many choices and styles to offer – while the prices are also moderate. On the contrary, are you interested in searching for more styles and fashion on the Internet?

If it’s a Yes from you, then we are glad to inform you that the article mentioned below contains a well-curated list of the top 21 stores like Selfie Leslie you must try out if you personally love shopping and spending on looking ‘Perfect’.

List of Stores like Selfie Leslie:

1. Missguided

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Missguided is one of the top stores for women’s fashion across the US. It’s not just about the collection it offers, or that it has more options for every category – but, while the sale and promotional offers don’t know when to stop, the prices are also affordable for most of us.

Not trying to play the favorites, but all the aforementioned compliments are given by the customers. Apart from that, you get to shop from well-curated collections at Missguided – such as dresses, tops, jeans, tailoring, trousers, swim, and skirts.

2. Hot Miami Style

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Hot Miami Styles is our personal favorite whenever we are looking for sexy outfits. It’s presented in this list for its beautiful and got collections, including the best of sexy club dresses.

It's a favorite for dresses, but in addition to that, you can also shop from more categories such as sets, tops, bottoms, outerwear, one-piece, swim, and more.

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3. Princess Polly

21 Best Stores like Selfie Leslie to Visit Right Now [2024] - ViralTalky (3)

Princess Polly is originally an Australian-based online fashion boutique – focusing majorly on street clothing and accessories for women. It offers an endless assortment of different styles and designs with prices comparatively more affordable.

Whether it is your birthday outfit you are looking for – or just some outfits for regular wear, in any case, Princess Polly might have all the elements you are looking for. Talking about the categories you can shop from – dresses, bottoms, sets, tops, and more are on the list.

4. BooHoo

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BooHoo is here with a big range of clothes for both men and women. It has hundreds of new styles and trends launching regularly on its platform, and surprisingly – the prices are affordable and good quality is guaranteed.

With BooHoo, you get to shop from a good set of departments, including summer clothes, swim, tops, co-ords, and dresses.

5. Motel Rocks

Motel Rocks is a UK-based women’s fashion clothes store – perfect when you want to wear something vintage. With this brand, you no longer have to search for millennial and Gen-Z-inspired styles and looks.

At Motel Rocks, you get categories like dresses, trousers, denim, jeans, shorts, basics, hoodies, jackets, tailoring, jumpsuit, and more to shop from.

6. Red Dress Boutique

Red Dress Boutique is another famous label in the women’s fashion clothing and accessories industry. It’s a well-known and affordable place, offering you a good mixture of unusual collections, including stylish outfits and dresses.

Moreover, you can shop from Red Dress Boutique through categories such as tops, dresses, shoes, and more, with multiple patterns and styles to explore.

7. Revolve

21 Best Stores like Selfie Leslie to Visit Right Now [2024] - ViralTalky (5)

Revolve has more of our attention because it seems to be offering everything a fashionable lady would need. From crop tops to denim bottoms, you can find many beautiful and cool outfits at this digital store.

Revolve is more famous because it offers the majority of the apparel, accessories, and shoes are designer. In addition to that, there are always offers and sales to help you save with categories like shoes, beauty, designers, accessories, and clothing to shop from.

8. Sabo Skirt

21 Best Stores like Selfie Leslie to Visit Right Now [2024] - ViralTalky (6)

Sabo Skirt is one of the popular Australian-based fashion labels that claim to be welcoming you to its good variety of collections – enough to renovate your entire closet.

With Sabo Skirt, you get to dig multiple different patterns and exclusive designs which are yet to get into trends. Along with that, you get to shop from main categories such as clothes, shoes, and accessories.

9. Fashion Nova

21 Best Stores like Selfie Leslie to Visit Right Now [2024] - ViralTalky (7)

You must visit Fashion Nova for a bold look – whether we are talking about the regular sexy dress or a club sexy outfit. It’s another American-based fast fashion brand that largely serves customers through its online platforms.

Fashion Nova is also popular for offering comparatively bigger collections of categories like graphic tees, jackets, coats, dresses, and more.

10. White Fox

21 Best Stores like Selfie Leslie to Visit Right Now [2024] - ViralTalky (8)

White Fox is another good fast fashion retailer – a platform where you can shop for fashionable clothes and accessories to adhere to all the recent trends in the industry.

Talking about the price tags – not so shocking, and as for the categories you can shop from, clothing, tops, dresses, sets, bottoms, swim, shoes, and more are added to the list.

11. Oh Molly

Oh Molly, one of the popular destinations for the latest trends and looks? Yes, but the main highlight is that it shares a good amount of its profits with charity – one of the main things you should keep in mind while shopping from Oh Molly.

In addition to that, it’s good with the options and the designs are unique and beautiful in their own way. Apart from that, you can shop from a good set of sections such as accessories, dresses, scores, bottoms, and more.

12. Lulus

21 Best Stores like Selfie Leslie to Visit Right Now [2024] - ViralTalky (9)

Lulus is again, one of the most widespread shopping centers, where you can find some really interesting and well-curated collections, along with exclusive styles including cute dresses, outfits, latest trends, and more.

With this label, you can explore good sorts of departments like prom, dresses, weddings, bottoms, tops, and clothing – and they also have a special section where you can find all the wedding-related apparel and accessories.

13. Verge Girl

Verge Girl or VRG, whatever you want to call it – just know it is one of the best platforms in this list for all the girly items. It’s specifically designed for young ladies with the only disadvantage of being a little bit pricier.

Apart from that, you can shop for all types of regular wear, along with some really beautiful outfits for special events – from categories such as tops, dresses, bottoms, sets, swimwear, skirts, and more.

14. Fortunate One

Fortunate One is one of the favored names when it comes to exclusive online retailers. It is mainly focused on travel-inspired ladies’ clothing and accessories – for all the creative girls out there.

Fortunate One is not just about a few premium collections, but it offers you enough options to fill your entire bag, even if you are going on a trip for a month. Also, you can shop these perfect outfits through categories such as dresses, bottoms, tops, and more.


21 Best Stores like Selfie Leslie to Visit Right Now [2024] - ViralTalky (10)

ZAFUL is another one with many options, but either affordable or cheap tags. With this label, you’ll get to explore some really hot styles and trends in the fashion industry – while it serves both men and women.

ZAFUL is most popular for its beachwear or lingerie – but it also offers some good looks for categories like one-pieces, three-pieces, and sets.


SALEDRESS acts as the ultimate fashion destination for many – serving only through its digital platforms. It offers women’s apparel and highly affordable prices with good quality guaranteed.

With SALEDRESS, you can find plus-size women's clothing, and it’s also good when you want to shop from chic collections. Moreover, you can shop from departments like shoes, accessories, curve + plus, two-pieces, dresses, jumpsuits, tops, bottoms, and swim.

17. Meshki

Meshki is more of a decent outfit and dress designer – although it’s listed in this list for its affordable collection of luxury women’s clothing. Additionally, the statement styles and looks by this brand, literally worn by globally famous celebrities, has caught our attention.

Also, let us not forget how comfortable the outfits appear to our eyes, made with soft fabrics to give you utmost comfort. Talking about its collections — you can shop from sections like dresses, bottoms, two piece sets, outerwear, tops, essentials, kids and more.

18. Beginning Boutique

With Beginning Boutique’s cute, young, stylish outfits — you are set to stay updated with the latest fashion trends – while it’s also good at delivering some exclusive collections often.

Additionally, the pricing is not something to worry about while the quality is more than just satisfactory. With it, you can shop from categories such as swim, bottoms, tops, and dresses – with a special section for brands.

19. ChicMe

ChicMe is another interesting women’s fashion Center – an online-based fashion store, which is beyond average. It might come out a little pricier compared to other stories mentioned in this article – but a few more bucks shouldn’t hurt for a better dress or outfit.

In addition to that – it’s a well-known title for multiple collections and themes, and its category list includes dresses, bottoms, summer intimates, tops, blouses, shorts, shoes, swim, and more.


21 Best Stores like Selfie Leslie to Visit Right Now [2024] - ViralTalky (11)

STELLY is another good online-based fashion boutique from Australia – offering you the most refreshing and highlighted patterns and designs. Although it delivers many different styles of outfits and dresses – we will highly recommend you visit the platform for its cute accessories collection.

In addition to that, the collection of dresses also caught our attention. As for the categories it offers – wedding dresses, sets, mini dresses, midi dresses, jeans, tops, casual dresses, sequin dresses, floral dresses, skirts, and more are on the list.

Final Words

With so many good fashion boutiques and centers mentioned in this article, we are sure you might feel a little lost as to which one is the better one for you.

On the contrary, the above list only contains the best titles out there – some of the top and leading brands you must have a look at if you are a real fashionista.

That’s all from our side, and hope you now have some good sites like Selfie Leslie to visit next.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there more brands like Selfie Leslie?

STELLY, Revolve, ChicMe, SALEDRESS, Fashion Nova, Princess Polly, Hello Molly, Zaful, Hot Miami Style, Missguided, Verge Girl, Red Dress Boutique, White Fox, and Sabo Skirt or some of the promising brands like Selfie Leslie.

Are there any good shops like Selfie Leslie?

If you are looking for some good shops like Selfie Leslie, then you must try Hello Molly, Verge Girl, STELLY, Revolve, White Fox, SALEDRESS, Fashion Nova, Princess Polly, ChicMe, Red Dress Boutique, Sabo Skirt, Zaful, and Hot Miami Style.

1 List of Stores like Selfie Leslie:

1.1 1. Missguided

1.2 2. Hot Miami Style

1.3 3. Princess Polly

1.4 4. BooHoo

1.5 5. Motel Rocks

1.6 6. Red Dress Boutique

1.7 7. Revolve

1.8 8. Sabo Skirt

1.9 9. Fashion Nova

1.10 10. White Fox

1.11 11. Oh Molly

1.12 12. Lulus

1.13 13. Verge Girl

1.14 14. Fortunate One

1.15 15. ZAFUL

1.16 16. SALEDRESS

1.17 17. Meshki

1.18 18. Beginning Boutique

1.19 19. ChicMe

1.20 21. STELLY

2 Final Words

3 Frequently Asked Questions

3.1 Are there more brands like Selfie Leslie?

3.2 Are there any good shops like Selfie Leslie?

21 Best Stores like Selfie Leslie to Visit Right Now [2024] - ViralTalky (2024)


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